Yes, I am

This week starts on a very common way. Monday was a busy day to submit my abstracts for a seminar on august. Do you know, actually i haven’t prepared well my idea to this two papers, but i pushed my self to finish the abstracts and delivered it to the committe yesterday evening. I hope it can pass the reviewer :).

This month will be busy time to do some jumps to chase some targets, that i missed for this last  four months. Honestly, i got some new spirit after having a long serious talk with my lecturer in Jogja last week. I have to confirm my self, that i can set up my energy to run along my own long way.

And my lecturer told something interesting about United Kingdom, and opportunity to get scholarship there. Again, i  am really so excited.

So if anyone ask me, are ready to go to UK? Yes, I am ready. 😀 (at least i have taken the dream, and place it 5 cm in front of my forehead and let my eyes see it all of time).

image is from google, with “dream” keyword.

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