Please Delete Me!

Large rigs directed by GPS are coming to grief in rural English villages – hitting fences, shearing mirrors from cars, and becoming stuck, report the International Herald Tribune. Tiny Barrow Gurney – an “alternate route” to Bristol Airport – gets 15,000 vehicles a day. Wedmore, with narrow streets similar ti nearby Wiltshire pictured at left, has asked for routes through town to be removed from maps, but mapmaker Tele Atlas says it’s up to the villages to indicate what roads are inappropriate for trucks and tractor-trailers. Eventually, the relevant information – things like height, width, and weight constraint for truckers – could be integrated into map databases, but it could take years.

GPS World, volume 19, number 1, January 2008
Seen+Heard, page 70

haha, kalo di Indonesia, kota-kota pada pengen masuk di peta GPS, eh, ini malah minta di delete. Tapi ya emang logis sih ya alasannya…any comments?

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